Inez (English)

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This tutorial is written for PSP9, but it's also suitable for PSP8.

For this tutorial you will need:

- Filters: Simple - 4 Way Avarage -Download HERE.

- Filter Mura's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha - Download HERE.
You need Mura's Seamless Filters C. Click on the right side on "Plug-ins" to download this filter.

- From the Flaming Pear filter - Aetherize -Download
HERE. Scroll down to "Designer Sextet" and click the Windows logo to download the filter.

Put these filters in your Plugin folder.

And these materials:

- 2 Selections - Download HERE. Unzip and put in your Selections folder.
- Tube - Download HERE. (Or use one of your own.) Put in a folder of your choice.
- 4 Brushes - Download HERE. Put these in your Brushes folder.
- Preset Shape. For PSP 9 Download HERE. For PSP 8 download HERE. Put in your Preset Shapes folder.
- Texture. Download HERE. Put in your Texture folder.
- Script for Outlook Express to put your work in. Download HERE. This script comes from Het Molehofje.

Image for Top border:

1. Turn on your rulers: View > Rulers.

2. Open a new image 1024 x 400, transparent.

3. Floodfill with white.

4. Layers > New Raster layer (Raster 2). Set your foreground color to #bc745e (or to a not too light color that matches the colors of your tube), set your backgroundcolor to white.
Set your foregroundcolor to gradient foreground/background, use these settings:

Make sure the white part of the gradient is on the left!
Activate your selection tool ,

custom selection:

with these settings:

Floodfill your selection with the gradient. Selections > Select none.

5. Effects > Plugins > Simple - 4Way Average. Now you have 3 sections on your image: on the left and on the right side a big square and in the middle a small rectangle. Your image should now look like this:

Effects > Plugins > Mura's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha, default settings, OK.
Turn your gradient off. Same foreground color as in step 4.

6. Layers > New Rasterlayer (Raster 3).
Activate your shape tool and find preset shape pspcl9_blokjes. With these settings: Line style: Default Solid. Width: 2. Anti Alias checked.
Zoom in if you want. Foregroundcolor same color as in step 4, backgroundcolor white.
Put your mouse cursor at 15 - 50 and drag your preset shape on to point 345 - 350. Look in the lower right corner of the status bar. First you'll see this:

And when you see this:

release your mouse button.
It's all about het first two numbers. Below the example where to start and where to end.

When you're done, your image should look like this:

On this layer: Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow, with these settings:

7. Take your tube, copy and paste as a new layer on your image. (Raster 4). My tube has the proper size. If you use a different tube, the height has to be aprox. 380.
Move with your Move Tool the tube as far as possilbe against the left and the bottom edge.
Effects > Plugins > Flaming Pear - Aetherize with these settings:

Layers > Duplicate (copy of raster4).
Image > Mirror. Now your image should look like this:

8. Activate in your layerpalette Raster 4, that's the layer with the left tube. Effects > 3D Effects > Dropshadow with these settings:

Activate now in your layerpalette Copy of Raster 4, the one with the right tube. Set the Blend Mode to Overlay. Or choose a Blend Mode and a layer opacity that matches your tube best. Soft Light, Screen and Overlay give often nice results.
On the same layer: Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance.

9. Layers > New Raster Layer (Raster 5). Selections > Load/Save Selection > Load Selection from Disk. Find the cl9 zwanenselectie. Load. Floodfill the selection with white. Keep selected.

10. Layer > New Raster Layer (Raster 6). Activate your Airbrush tool. (Plaatje airbrush)
Find the cloud9_swimming swans. Size 230 (brush is a little larger then selection, that's ok), Opacity 100, foregroundcolor #808080, click 1 x in selection.

11. Layers > New Raster Layer (Raster 7). Effects > 3D Effects > Cut Out with these settings:

Layers > New Raster Layer (Raster 8). Effects > 3D Effects > Cut Out with these settings:

Selections > Select none

12. Layers > New Raster Layer (Raster 9). Selections >Load/Save Selection > Load Selection from Disk. Find the cl9_smalle strepen. Load. Floodfill the selection with white. Zoom in, otherwise you can't see where to fill.
Selections > Select none.

13. Go to your Layer Palette and activate Raster 2 (the colored background with the 3 sections).
Layers > New Raster Layer (Raster 10).
Activate your Selection Tool (Rectangle, Feather 10, Anti Alias checked) and draw a square selection in the section on the right. Stay away from the edges. When you release the mouse button, your selection wil be as large as the 3th section. It should look like this:

14. Activate your Airbrush Tool. Find brush cloud9_roses. Size 450, Opacity 100.
Set your foreground color back to #bc745e (same color as in step 4).
Click with your foreground color 1 x in the selection. The brush is a little larger then the selection, but that's OK.
Selections > Select none. (Set the Opacity of this layer to 58, of whatever you like most. Maybe you won't turn down the opacity at all lol!).

15. Layers > New Raster Layer (Raster 11). Layers > Arrange > Bring to Top.
Airbrush, find the brush cloud9_sugarissweet1. Size 274, Opacity 100.
Foreground color back to #bc745e (same color as in step 4). Put this brush in the upper left corner of the right section.
Next find the brush cloud9_sugarissweet 2. Same settings. Put this brush in het lower right corner. Set the Blend Mode to Luminance.

Your image should now look like this:

16. Put your name on your work.

17. Layers > Merge > Merge all (Flatten) and save as .jpg

Your done with the image, now on with the background!


1. New image, 250 x 250 transparent.

2. Floodfill with white.

3. Layers > New Raster Layer, set your foreground color to Texture, click the little button in the middle under your foreground color:

Find the texture Inez. Set your foregroundcolor to #d6b7b0 (or to a color of your choice).

4. Click 1 x in your image and set the opacity of the layer to 52.

5. Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add noise with these settings:

6. Save as .jpg

Now you're all done and you can put your scroll-image and your background image in the script.

An example with another tube:

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